Using Nginx from AWS ECS

Running Nginx Web Server on AWS container with other AWS services like Route53, ALB, ECS, ECR, S3 etc. All of the AWS services will be deployed by Terraform. 1. Prepare the Docker image locally and test locally before deploying to AWS Dockerfile and src directory which has index.html file. The index.html can be just a line “Helloworld!” FROM nginx:latest # Copy your source files to /etc/nginx/html COPY ./src /etc/nginx/html # Start Nginx CMD ["nginx", "-g", "daemon off;"] Build the Docker image docker build -t nginx:v1 ....

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Organize Go project and publish modules

1. Directory structure lrn_package/src/hello/main.go lrn_package/somepackage/somefile.go lrn_package/internal/somefile.go lrn_package_use/src/hello/main.go 2. Programs lrn_package/src/hello/main.go package main import ( "fmt" "" "" ) func AddUpper() func (int) int { var n int = 10 return func (x int) int { n = n + x return n } } func main() { ff := AddUpper() fmt.Println(ff(1)) fmt.Println(ff(2)) fmt.Println(ff(3)) disp.SomeFunction() itnldisp.SomeFunction() } lrn_package/somepackage/somefile.go package disp import "fmt" func SomeFunction() { fmt.Println("This is an public package function") } lrn_package/internal/somefile....

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Super24 is a game to play with the numbers. Rules: 4 integer numbers from 1 to 10 will be generated or you can pick up your own numbers You must use every number once with +, -, x, / to get 24. For example, if the number is 6, 5, 4, 2, then express will be like 6x5-4-2 = 24. This is the example for 2569

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Sometimes you need to get data for your own purpose or functions extension from the website which provides the data in different way. Data analysis or ML or build your app with data aggrecated from different sites… A lot of use case. But you need to make sure that this behaivior isn’t violate the license agreement, guiding etc. 1. What you need? Python (whatever language is ok. I choose python just because of the Beautiful Soup) Beautiful Soup 4 – This is the tool to extract the data requests – Handle https stuffs Sellenium – handy way to enter sites with login page Google ChromeDriver – needed to work together with Sellenium Browser development menu – read the source to find the target place....

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The Beach

1. What a clean water 2. The green 3. Hello World 4. Cruise 5. Mangrove on the ground 6. Eating icecream (somewhere..) 7. Coral’s ‘jungle’ full of fishes 8. The quiet island

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Host your website on AWS

1. AWS services needed for static website Route53 - Route the request to the CloudFront distribution CloudFront - Frontend point to response from the closest web server S3 - Storage for all of the contents 2. Create S3 Bucket for Configuration the property to set the S3 as Web site Create policy to allow read permission for public { "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Sid": "PublicReadGetObject", "Effect": "Allow", "Principal": "*", "Action": "s3:GetObject", "Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::< S3 name >/*" } ] } Remove all of the ‘Block public access (bucket settings)’ Edit the ACL permission to allow every one for ‘List’ 3....

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Most Handy Way to Publish Website - Full automation

1. Create a repository in Github Register a Github ID at: Create a repository in github. For example, ‘my-website-repo’ Find the URL of your my-website-repo in github. You can get it from [Code] button on your repository page. 2. Link your local git to Github git remote add origin [Gitrepo URL] [Git repo URL] is the one you copied from Github. 3. Setup the Visual Studio Code for Git This is optional but highly recommended....

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Build Your Own Web Site

1. What you need? Your own domain name Visual Studio Code (Editor) Github (Contents management) Hugo (Site Generator) Netlify (Web Hosting) 2. Get your own domain name I use a Japan based domain name service. Cost for domain name is from 0 Yen to million Yen ~~~~ 3. Visual Studio Code / Github Please consider the VS Code and Github as set. You can use BitBucket as well but for people who use Hugo, Github is a better choice....

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Coffee is back

Coffee is the reason to get up every morning. Coffee is the time for slowing down the life. Enjoy the taste and enjoy the SMELL! -:SuzuriGo

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Nice Vacation

I had a wonderful vacation in a excellent hotel with great food. :-SuzuriGo

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